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Foundry chaplets designed for castings where perfect pressure seal is required, such as hydraulic castings, automotive castings, pumps, boilers, etc. They are made with a thin and toothed plate welded at mid stem, so it is exactly half way along the casting wall. Even with unfavourable casting temperatures, the thin plate, solid and without through hole, melts easily and seals the central part of the casting wall, thus ensuring a 100% perfect seal against gas, water, vapours, etc. Available from stock in a broad range of sizes.

Available in:

  • standard version
  • perforated version

Available with the following anchoring systems:

  • with nail
  • self-adhesive



Working with foundry chaplets means finding the perfect balance between the chaplet melting (joining with the casting) and its resistance to deformation. It is essential to identify the most suitable chaplet for each type of casting, and for each position inside the casting itself.

We provide an infinite combination of diameters, thicknesses, heights, forms, stems and customised options. There is always a foundry chaplet suited to your needs, ranging from thin walls with thicknesses of just a few millimetres and with cool temperatures, to larger thicknesses and close to the casting inlet channels.

And if you have very special requirements, we are available to guide you in creating your own customised chaplet. The best chaplets are always developed from teamwork between your and our technicians!


PLATE DIMENSION25 x 5025 x 50 (superiore)
25 x 66 (inferiore)
30 x 6040 x 80
PLATE THICKNESS1,0 - 1,51,0 - 1,51,51,5 - 2,0
CENTRAL WELDED PLATE27 x 54 x 0,527 x 54 x 0,527 x 54 x 0,542 x 84 x 1,0
HEIGHT H (mm)10 / 4010 / 4015 / 5015 / 50
STEM DIAMETER (mm)5,0 - 6,0 - 8,05,0 - 6,0 - 8,06,0 - 8,0 - 10,08,0 - 10,0 - 12,0