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Galvanic Tin Plating


For more than 50 years we have been tinning our parts and parts for the most important companies of all sectors, from tinning for electronics to photovoltaic parts, from furniture to construction.

We offer cutting edge electrolytic tinning. We have two plants, always calibrated to create “weldable” tinning and ensure the best tin weldability possible with current technology. We only use certified 99.9% pure tin anodes. We make use of automated charge systems, supported by computer management systems, always ensuring the respect of the charging parameters. We control and certify the layer thickness in our labs using the best Fischer instruments. The barrel plating system is calibrated and programmed for perfect preparation of the pieces, applying a layer of fully adherent tin coating. We carry out constant research, always with an eye on new technological developments in welding and resistance to ageing of the tin coating to temperature and over time. Whenever our tinning services are needed, the best of quality is always guaranteed. If required, we can package and ship directly to your Customers, for an even more efficient service also reducing costs for logistics.