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Vemek’s pre-glued chaplets for foundries ensure easier core assembly and transfer operations because they adhere firmly and instantly as soon as they are positioned on any flat, oblique or angled surface. They are arranged on sheets of silicone paper, easy to remove and immediately ready to use.

  • They allow saving time applying glue, an operation which is not always easy
  • The glue layer is always thin and free of solvents
  • Chaplet positioning is easy and immediate and does not require glue heating equipment
  • The chaplet plates are always clean and free from excess glue
  • The adhesive used has been conceived and tested so as not to create casting problems
  • The adhesive produces a solid grip on all surfaces

All our chaplets for foundries are available in self-adhesive version.



Working with adhesive chaplets means finding the perfect balance between casting of the chaplet (joining with the casting) and its resistance to deformation. It is essential to identify the most suitable chaplet for each type of casting, and for each position inside the casting itself.

We provide an infinite combination of diameters, thicknesses, heights, forms, stems and customised options. We work both on the type and thickness of the glue to ensure an optimal fit in line with the type of cores used.

There is always a foundry chaplet suited to your needs, ranging from thin walls with thicknesses of just a few millimetres and with cool temperatures, to larger thicknesses and close to the casting inlet channels. And if you have very special requirements, we are available to guide you in creating your own customised chaplet.

The best chaplets are always developed from teamwork between your and our technicians!